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Insanity is unbalanced chaotic randomly charged energy-

it serves neither to destroy nor create but Creates feedback loops that spin inwards on themselves

Chaos agents have no real goals or purpose-

confusion doubt disorganization disruption are background processes that are the by-products-results of

unfocused Energy Purposely non-directed and unresolved

the smallest amount of clarity, attention to detail and disciplined action as behavior/motion models

can create a positive energy flow

positive in the ongoing sustaining and nurturing quality of the diffusion of such energy

balance becomes a tangible sensory perceived state as a general good orderly direction

light dispels shadows and Shadowy-ness

actions can occur and move to completion with less resistance and disruption

Grace poise symmetry and definite position are details of an order that aspires to a steadiness of intention

and compassion generating as the mirrored Universe like completeness becomes

a thought-word-deed

Form as inclusive of Life as is a living


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Opening the Front Door in Montana

I stood in front of the door poised to open it I need the key I thought and reached in my coat pocket to find it

I pulled out a key shaped like a candybar and tried it in the lock

it smooshed against the lock like a Porche hitting the guardrail at 90 mph

hmmm I thought this is not what I need

my access to this locked place in my soul is not going to be be so effortless

behind me the sound of a creek gurgling happily in the morning fog

laughing at my futile attempt to open a door and causing a chocolate mess

This has worked before I said in response to the merry chiding of that giddy stream

It worked once in a book by Richard Brautigan but I guess magical events in books by Beat Poets don’t always find there way forwards to these shiny days of a new century like a whalebone shoe horn discarded in haste before battle some where in the Wilderness, the useful items of Beatniks have become misplaced curios in this new world where all usefulness belongs to the “virtual” or something that gets plugged in and has the bulging lip of a USB socket

I turned and sat on the top front step and faced the bubbling chortle of that wise ass creek

Entry, I reflected is not always evident

I waited for the spirit of Beatdom to move the simple mechanics of entry and passage and get me past the threshold and into the house before the rain.


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Faraway Radioland Album

Faraway Radioland Album

You can listen to and buy my latest album of music here!

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